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Overweight is  Your problem?

Years of gruel training, diets and starving did not bring the desired result?

This drug is certainly not the only, but extremely effective tool to solve your problem.

During the course of taking the drug, it is desirable to have a moderate intake of proteins, as in your usual diet; Also, consumption of sufficient amounts of fat is welcome, the only restriction is for carbs - their amount should be limited.

Diet also limits the intake of salt, as salt can detain water in your body.

A separate article is the consumption of water. While you are on the drug you have to drink at least 3-5 liters of water in 24hrs, not considering tea, coffee, fruit liquid, etc.

It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, regardless of it's strength and quantity.

It is forbidden to take antidepressants, diuretics or thermogenic fat burners.

Choosing the dosage personally for yourself, consider the following information: the recommended dose of the drug is 2-5 mg of the drug per 1 kg of body weight. Taking 8 mg or more will inevitably cause irreparable harm to your health.

If your bodyweight is less than 65 kg it is forbidden to take more than one capsule in 24hrs, with a weight not exceeding 110 kg it is not recommended to take more than two capsules in 24hrs.

The intake of more than three capsules per day is prohibited regardless of your weight.

If you feel that You need to increase the dosage, we recommend that you do not increase it, but instead, prolong the course.