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During the course of taking the drug:

- strong sweating, as a consequence of consumption a large intake of water, which serves not only as a transport for spreading the drug throughout the body, and removing toxins from the body, but it is the main cooling agent for your body;

- a rash on the body, in places of sweat accumulation, occurs if you do not take a shower often enough so that skin irritation does not develop;

- increased body temperature, which should be controlled by increased water intake, or a cool shower, taking antipyretics, should be used in extreme cases at your discretion, this side effect can be avoided without exceeding the recommended dosage and consuming at least 3 liters of water per day (without taking into account tea, coffee, fruit juice, etc.);

- fatigue: even without intensive training, you will feel tired, it is possible to use a variety of stimulants such as caffeine, L-carnitine, geranium, guarana, etc. (not containing sugar);

- hunger: in most cases, the drug suppresses the appetite, but in some cases, the feeling of hunger increases, then your self-motivation and diet, with a reduced carbohydrate content, will help you;

- carbs: consuming a large amount of carbohydrates, you risk getting a heat stroke, as during the splitting of carbohydrates a huge amount of heat is released, due to the intake of the drug, this effect is intensified, yet it is impossible to completely eliminate the consumption of carbohydrates since carbohydrates are needed to restore the body;

Remember - do not forget to listen to your body and common sense! Experience and opinion of others should not influence your sanity, if you think that you need to reduce the dosage or stop taking the drug without hesitation, stop the course!

The client base is more than 700 people, but ionly a few leave feedback on the basis of their feedbacks and personal experience we compile this memo.